Custody Cases


What better way to smear your X than to accuse them of some henious behavior?

Fear no more, we can help put false accusations to a halt.

I have personally known people who have done bad things and got away with it, and I even met a preachers daughter who falsly accused a man of rape. 

Our lie detection test can be used to find who is being deceptive, and also who is INNOCENT. It’s far to easy to make accusations against someone, and that is where we take a lot of pride in helping to clear false rumors.

If your spouse is trying to accuse you of false accusations, you seriously need to consider our services.  Likewise if you feel someone you were involved with had did to bad things, and no one believes you, we can help you.

Feel free to give us a call, or if it’s a legal matter, have your attorney call us.  We’ll be glad to work with both of you.